Edison Stagelightplayers to hold open auditions for fall production


PIQUA — The Edison Stagelight Players will hold open auditions for their fall production of “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.” Auditions will take place Tuesday, Aug. 29, and Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 7 p.m. in Room 427 at Edison State Community College’s Piqua Campus.

The play follows the Noah Smith adaptation and will be directed by Emily Beisner. “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” is a classic gothic story that follows lawyer Gabriel John Utterson as he investigates strange happenings between his friend, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and the criminal Edward Hyde.

Auditions will last two hours, consist of cold readings from the script, and are open to all actors. It is not required to be a student of Edison State. The production will run from Oct. 19–21 and Oct. 27–29 with an additional performance the week of Oct. 23 to be determined.

For more information, email Director Beisner at [email protected].

Cast of characters includes:

Maid (female, 25–45 years)

Butler (male, 25–60 years)

Dr. Hastie Lanyon (male, 40–60 years)

Dr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde (male, 40–55 years)

Gabriel John Utterson (male lawyer, 40–60 years)

Richard Enfield (male lawyer/Utterson’s nephew, 25–35 years)

Helen O’Neill (female American student engaged to Enfield, 25–35 years)

Cybel (female Prostitute, 30–50 years)

The actor playing Maid also plays Detective, Flower Girl, Ivy, Utterson’s Maid, Policeman 1 and Valerie.

The actor playing Butler also plays Flower Girl’s Father, Passing Gentleman, Utterson’s Butler, Pimp

Policeman 2, Pool and Police Sergeant.

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