Are you eligible for the Homestead Exemption?

SIDNEY — Homeowners who turn 65 years of age or older in calendar year 2023 or are totally and permanently disabled have until Dec. 31, 2023 to file for the homestead exemption of real estate taxes on their 2024 bill, according to Shelby County Auditor Amy Berning.

In order to qualify, new applicants cannot have a total Ohio Adjusted Gross household income of over $36,100 on their latest income tax return. (Exception: disabled veterans) The income restriction was legislated by the State of Ohio in 2013 and went into effect in 2014. Note that social security benefits are not included in Ohio Adjusted Gross income.

Berning states that over 3,000 homeowners in Shelby County were enrolled in the homestead exemption program in 2022. Those homeowners saw a reduction in their annual real estate taxes by an average of $343.

Late applicants – meaning homeowners who qualified for the homestead exemption in the previous year but did not sign up, may enroll in the program and have their 2022 real estate taxes (billed in 2023) adjusted, as long as they apply before the Dec. 32 deadline deadline.

Past recipients of the homestead exemption will continue to qualify for it and do not need to reapply. Also note that past recipients who applied by June 2, 2014, for the exemption are not subject to the household income restriction and will continue to be exempted from it, even if they sell their home and purchase another one in Ohio.

To verify if you are currently receiving the homestead exemption, go to the Shelby County Auditor’s website and select “start an online property record search.” When you have your property pulled up, select the “tax” tab on the left-hand side of the screen. If you are receiving the homestead exemption, you will see the deduction in the itemized line of your tax information, labeled “Homestead”.

Disabled Veterans: Those who qualify as disabled veterans are not subject to the income threshold and they are eligible for a larger exemption amount. For the purpose of the homestead exemption, “veterans with total service-connected disabilities”(and their surviving spouses) includes veterans who are receiving compensation at the 100% level due to individual unemployability caused by service-connected disabilities. To find out if you qualify, please contact the Shelby County Auditor’s Office.