Defenders of Democracy wanted


To the editor:

Immediate openings for Shelby County Ohio Democrats to serve as defenders of democracy!

Are you a U.S. citizen? Are you at least 18 years old and registered to vote, or 17 years old and a senior in high school? Are you a resident of Shelby County and identify with the Democratic Party? Then you may be eligible to defend democracy as a poll worker during the upcoming March 19, 2024, Presidential Primary election.

I’m calling all Shelby County registered Democrats to step up! Your neighbors need you. Your county needs you. Your state needs you. Your nation needs you, and your Party needs you.

The March 19 Presidential Primary election will be here soon, and we need registered Democrats at every precinct to serve as poll workers for the day. At Shelby County precincts, two Democrats and two Republicans are required to serve as a team to make sure the process is efficient, easy, and transparent for the voter.

Can you give a day to serve your neighbors? Can you give a day for a front-row seat to democracy? If that answer is a resounding yes, you can reach out to me at email [email protected] or phone 937-498-9665, or contact the Shelby County Ohio Board of Elections directly at 937-498-7209 and let either of us know your interest. Regardless of who you contact, we’ll get you pointed in the right direction to get your questions answered and set you up for both training and success!

Special note for employers: If you’re an employer, let’s make it easy for an employee to take a day to serve their community and nation.

See you at the polls!

Christopher R. Gibbs

Chairman, Shelby County Ohio Democratic Party

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