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125 Years

March 4, 1899

Tom Sharkey, the famous heavy-weight prize fighter, passed through this city over the C.H. & D. railroad this afternoon on his way to Cincinnati. A number of persons at the depot saw him as he passed through.


A total of 104 persons took the county teachers examination at the high school room today.

100 Years

March 4, 1924

Plans for the finest of Ohio’s summer resorts at Indian Lake Park are underway. They will incorporate scores of cottages and fine summer homes, a large waterworks and modern sewage system.


Millard E. Hussey announced today that he will be a candidate for prosecuting attorney subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election in August.

75 Years

March 4, 1949

Official opening of Sidney’s new dress shop – Kessel’s – will take place Friday and Saturday of this week, Jack Kessel, owner of the new establishment, said today. The store is located on the east side of the public square in the former location of Miller’s Ready-To-Wear store.

50 Years

March 4, 1974

MINSTER – A total of 501 persons Sunday attended dedication services of Calvary Chapel, a nondenominational, fundamental Bible believing church. Keys of the facility were presented to the Rev. Ronald Lee Boldman, pastor, by a parishioner, Charles Oldiges.


Hill Crest Manor Nursing Home, Fulton Street, Sidney, is the site of a unique program that brings young and old together in a mutually beneficial relationship. A number of school girls perform volunteer work at the facility. They are Teresa Harp, Laura Lawson, Kris York, Angie Alexander, Cindy Baker, Vicki Driskell and Crystal Spaugy.


Bridgeview Middle School spelling bees were held recently with Brenda Andrews, the sixth-grade winner and Jonathan Stephens, seventh grade winner. Jon Roth, son of Mr. and Mrs.


James Roth, was the winner of a spelling bee at Longfellow School. In Russia, Mary Jeanne Naveau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clair Naveau and Karen Moorman, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Alfred Moorman, were the junior high and elementary school winners in the spelling bee.

25 Years

March 4, 1999

Since June of last year, more than thirty people have been meeting to review health issues concerning young children. The group. Named the Shelby County Childrens and Families Health Services Community Assessment, reached some startling conclusions. The death rate for children ages 1 to 14 was 66.1 per 100,000 people. The state average is 25,3. The county’s infant mortality rate was also greater than the state average. One good result was children living here have a higher than average coverage of health insurance. Thomas Reed, who is chairing the work, will now work on recommendations.


Steve Miller, Sidney Schools Superintendent, reported the school board is seeking architectural advice and services for building issues. The agreement has been reached to close Bridgeview, Central Parkwood and Lowell schools and build a new facility. Miller, recently hired, has spent just w week on the job and already has a full plate.

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