Fitness Doctor helps upgrade Bengals locker room


By Kimberly Pistone

For the Sidney Daily News

RUSSIA – Alex Luthman, owner of the Fitness Doctor, recently had the opportunity to help the Cincinnati Bengals improve their workouts by providing them with all new cardio equipment, including three treadmills, three ellipticals, two spin bikes and two stair climbers. Luthman said, “They are in the process of getting a new locker room. It was nice before and getting nicer.”

Luthman provides equipment for not only the Bengals, but for organizations all across Ohio and the country. The Fitness Doctor has provided equipment to the Cincinnati Reds, the Blue Jackets, FC Cincinnati, Columbus Crew, Cleveland Cavaliers, Ohio State, Pittsburg Stealers, Penn State, the University of Michigan, and even military bases – and more. Luthman said they have provided equipment to probably 100 different organizations across the country. Locally, The Fitness Doctor recently outfitted a new weight room for Versailles High School and is getting ready to do one for Russia High School.

In addition to supplying the equipment, The Fitness Doctor provides maintenance and repairs, including scheduled maintenance throughout the year. They also take trade-in equipment, such as the old equipment from the Bengals, refurbish and sell it. Luthman said his inventory moves so fast that everything is sold word of mouth and sometimes listed on Facebook marketplace.

Luthman is also the director of Field Operations for Boost Treadmills. Boost Treadmills use microgravity to make running or walking accessible to everyone, providing a pain-free workout. The Fitness Doctor supplied Boost Recovery Treadmills to athletes like Joe Burrow after his calf injury, Aaron Rodgers and DJ Reader after their injuries.

Luthman said, “One of the cooler stories – when Tiger Woods was in his car accident I sold him a microgravity treadmill and spent a few hours with him showing him how to use it, helping him get into the shorts and zipped into the treadmill.”

Luthman never planned to own a fitness equipment business. Luthman grew up in Versailles and joined the navy when he graduated from high school. Afterward, he used the GI Bill to get a degree in nuclear engineering at Thomas Edison State University in Trenton, New Jersey. He worked as an electrical controls engineer for a while before becoming a full-time fireman and EMT. During this time, he also owned a gym. He learned to fix equipment himself to save money when things broke. He realized there was a market for his skills in repairing equipment, so in 2018 he quit the fire department and sold his gym.

Luthman said, “Somehow my hobby turned into a full-time job.” The Fitness Doctor has a warehouse and showroom located at 104 Commerce Drive in Russia. Luthman can be reached at [email protected] or 518-935-7465. Their website is

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