Sports Scene: More state tournaments leaving Central Ohio

Ohio State is no longer hosting state golf tournaments, which will now be spread out at sites across the state.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced on Wednesday. NorthStar Golf Club in Sunbury will continue to host a state tournament, while Firestone Country Club in Akron and NCR Country Club in Kettering will both host state tournaments for the first time.

NorthStar had previously hosted some state tournaments before, but the majority were held at The Ohio State University Golf Club. The Club had hosted state tournaments every year since 1929, with the exception of years it was undergoing renovations.

The OHSAA said in a press release earlier this week the Club informed the association it is declining to host state tournaments this fall.

The OHSAA is spreading tournaments out across the state. The Div. I boys and girls tournament will be held at NCR in Kettering, the Div. II boys and girls tournaments will be held at Firestone in Akron and the D-III boys tournament will be held at NorthStar in Sunbury, which is northeast of Columbus.

It’s disappointing more tournaments are moving away from Central Ohio. It isn’t fun driving from one corner of the state to another. But if Central Ohio institutions continue to not want to host, going to the far corners of the state for tournaments may be the new norm.

Wet start to spring sports continues

The solar eclipse on Monday was the second most spectacular thing I’ve witnessed, just behind a sunrise at Crater Lake in Oregon three years ago.

Luckily, rainy weather that moved through the region Sunday night and Monday morning moved out by the time the eclipse started. One look through area spring sports teams’ results can tell you that was a borderline miraculous event.

Only three of the 18 area baseball and softball squads have managed to play more than six games through the first three weeks of the season, and no one has managed more than eight.

It’s not so bad for baseball, which had its season extended by a week a year ago. But when the weather is clear in the next month, it will probably be a safe bet softball teams will be on their diamonds.

Softball tournament draws are scheduled to take place on April 28, a little more than two weeks from now. District finals are scheduled to take place this time next month.