Out of the past

125 years

April 19, 1899

Mrs. McNutt is holding a summer millinery reception at her parlors on North Main Avenue this afternoon. Her rooms are marvels of beauty being profusely decorated with flowers.


The building committee for the new parsonage at St. Michael’s church in Loramies, at a meeting Sunday afternoon, decided to commence work at once.

100 years

April 19, 1924

The contractor bids for the construction of the new Big Four railroad depot in this city were opened at noon in the office of the chief engineer in Cincinnati. Six bids were received, one of them being from the local contractor, H.L. Loudenback and Sons.

75 years

April 19, 1949

Members of the Sidney Aerie of the Eagles have named Herman Bemus as worthy president to succeed Robert Wilt.

50 years

April 19, 1974

MAPLEWOOD – The fire department will have its annual fish fry April 27 at the Maplewood School House. Chairmen of the fry are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Steenrod and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Zimpher.


A love of American folklore has led Allen and Joan New and their 9-year-old son, Scott, on a path of history books, geography knowledge, and working acquaintance with an old-time occupation, leatherworking. As a result of their interest, a number of students at Sidney High School are wearing belts with the name “Yellow Jackets” on them and different designs depicting sports or other areas of interest of each student.

25 years

April 19, 1999

BOTKINS – Connie Schneider, longtime principal of Botkins Local School, was unanimously appointed the new superintendent of that school at a Special Board of Education meeting Tuesday night.


The Sidney Police Department’s substation on Park Street has improved the neighborhood by increasing police visibility. That opinion was expressed at Sidney City Council’s second town hall meeting Tuesday night at Lowell Elementary School.

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