Baseball: Lehman Catholic beats Union County 3-0 at Day-Air Ballpark


DAYTON — Lehman Catholic got as good a tournament draw as it could hope for with a record two games above .500 at draw time. The Cavaliers are hoping a victory on a big stage on Wednesday is the first of many to come in the next few weeks.

Lehman scored three runs in the fifth and beat Union County (Indiana) 3-0 on Wednesday at Day-Air Ballpark. It was the second consecutive win the for the Cavaliers, which beat Houston 10-0 in six innings on Tuesday in Sidney.

Both teams made many strong defensive plays. The tone was set in the top of the first when Lehman center fielder CJ Olding made a diving catch near the warning track in left center of the minor league ballpark. It was the third out and came with a runner in scoring position.

“One of the best defensive games that I’ve been associated with, that’s how good it was,” Lehman interim coach Dave King said. “(A Dayton Dragons worker) told me, and he’s seen a lot of games, that was one of the best catches he’s ever seen here, pro or high school. And that set the tone because they were on their way to score a run.”

It took three innings for Lehman (13-9) to get a hit, but they were able to get enough in the fifth to win.

Collin Potts led off the inning with a single on a hard ground ball to center field. Cole Bostick then hit a bunt single to third base.

Turner Lachey hit a line drive to right field, which got by right fielder Dalton Adams and allowed all three runners to score. The hit was officially scored a double and an error by Adams.

Lachey, the team’s leadoff hitter, plays at short stop and made several strong defensive plays.

“He made some phenomenal, phenomenal plays,” King, who is filling in for coach Mark Brunswick, said. “And I thought our small ball hurt them a little bit. We got some bunts down and we over ran them.

“… Turner hit that gap. And that guy tried to try to stop it. But you know he didn’t touch it because it went all the way to the fence.”

Korban Schmiesing pitched a complete game and gave up two hits. He walked two batters and struck out six.

“I’m proud of Korban. He battles with his control, but he was on his A-game today,” King said. “He kept us close. And he battled. There were some guys on, and he battled. And he stayed within himself. And then he regrouped.

“A lot of times when you get tired, you use your use your arm instead of your legs. He started using (his legs) again. And then the defense behind him; he had to be elated with the defense.”


It was the sixth win of the season for Schmiesing, who has a 2.71 ERA after Wednesday’s win.

“At first, I couldn’t find the curveball” Schmiesing said. “And then later in the game, I got the curveball working, and that got a lot of batters. The defense behind me was just awesome.”

Union County starter Cole Cheatham gave up two earned runs on four hits and three walks in five innings and struck out 10 batters. Relief pitcher Kyle Sams struck out two batters and gave up one hit in the sixth for the Patriots (6-12).

“They’re a good team, and that’s a good pitcher, but the bottom line is we got three in in the fifth, and that was huge,” King said.

Lehman Catholic was voted the No. 8 seed is scheduled to open tournament play next Wednesday by hosting Three Rivers Conference rival Troy Christian (7-11). The winner will advance to a district semifinal on May 20, likely against No. 5 Southeastern (14-9). That winner will advance to a district final.

King said the Eagles are not to be overlooked.

“They have good pitching. That’s why they’re good. But if they throw off, some people have beaten them,” King said. “We’ve got Schmiesing, Turner Lachey (0.99 ERA) and Seth Knapke (4.41) and we rotate around. If we can get a seven-inning performance like tonight, that will be big.”

The tournament opener is scheduled to be the second time in three days the teams will face off; they’re slated to play in a TRC game on Monday in Troy.

Troy Christian beat Lehman 7-4 on April 9.

“This game was good for us going into tournament,” Schmiesing said. “TC, they’re good. But if we beat (Union County), we can beat anyone.”

Before the back-to-back games with the Eagles, Lehman is scheduled to host Celina on Thursday and Springfield Northwestern on Friday.

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