Fort Loramie graduation set for May 19


FORT LORAMIE — Graduation ceremonies for the Fort Loramie High School Class of 2024 will be held Sunday, May 19, at 1 p.m. at the high school gymnasium. There are 65 members of the class.

The class motto is “Chase your dreams but always know the road that’ll lead you home again” by Tim McGraw. The class song is “My Town” by Montgomery Gentry. The class flower is the white rose.

The class officers are President Allyson Holland; Vice President Ella Boerger; Historian Hallie Grillot; Secretary Eleanor Siegel; and Treasurer Cameron Benanzer.

Scholarship recipients for the Class of 2024 are:

Fort Loramie Achievement Community for Excellence

• Fort Loramie ACE Scholarship -Ella Boerger, Morgan Pleiman

• Herb Poeppelman Memorial Scholarship -Hallie Grillot

• Fort Loramie Athletic Booster Club Scholarship – Ella Boerger, Will Hoying, Jaden Rose, Jason Siegel

• Fort Loramie Board of Education Scholarship – Summer Hoying

• Fort Loramie Education Association – Marie Quinlin Scholarship-Jaden Rose

Community Foundation of Shelby County

• Layton Family Foundation Scholarship-Hallie Grillot

• Donald E. & M. Jane Kemp Trade School Scholarship-Owen DeLoye

• IUTIS Club Scholarship-Will Hoying

• Lola Detrick Carmony Scholarship-Levi Gephart

Fort Loramie Education Foundation

• Mike & Mary Jo Barhorst Family Scholarship-JadeAnn Laux

• Ted & Anita Barhorst Scholarship-Abigail Siegel

• Joe & Mary Borchers Memorial Scholarship-Jada Flint

• Homer & Mary Lou Bornhorst Family Scholarship-Ella Boerger

• Ralph W. Eilerman Family Scholarship-Morgan Pleiman

• Faulkner, Garmhausen, Keister & Shenk Scholarship-Cameren Benanzer

• John & Victoria Albers Memorial Scholarship-Jaden Rose

• Leo J. Meyer Memorial Scholarship-Rachel Gehret

• Paul & Veronica Perin Scholarship-Colleen Borchers

• DW Vanderhorst Memorial Scholarship-Public Service -Ava Stewart, Will Holland, Colleen Boerger

• DW Vanderhorst Memorial Scholarship-Engineering/Business -Ashlyn Eilerman Carlie Goubeaux, Morgan Pleiman

• Urban & Pauline Ratermann Family Scholarship (2)-Abigail Siegel, Will Hoying

• Ratermann Insurance Agency Scholarship-Ella Boerger

• Red & Black Scholarship-Hallie Grillot

• John “Coach” Kremer Memorial Scholarship-Kate Ruhenkamp

• John Gephart “G5” Memorial Scholarship-Brock McCumber

• Veronica Perin Presas Scholarship-Summer Hoying

• Thomas E. Schafer Scholarship-Makenna Snider

• Richard & Shirley Simon Memorial Scholarship-Ellen Frilling

• August “Jr.” Gaier Memorial Scholarship-Carissa Meyer

• Hugo & Thelma Meyer Scholarship-Brynn Holland

• Osgood Bank Scholarship-Mavrick Grudich

• Nidec Scholarship-Grant Poeppelman

• Thomas E. Schafer Skills Scholarship-Owen DeLoye

• Ben-Med Fund Scholarship (2)-Allyson Holland, Alexandra Rose

• Brad Meyer Baseball Memorial Scholarship-Mavrick Grudich

• Fort Loramie Community Service Club Scholarship -Aden Bolin, Whitney Timmerman

• Minster Bank Scholarship-Emma Eilerman

• Fort Loramie American Legion Post 355 Scholarship -Rachel Gehret, Mavrick Grudich

• Post 355 Legionnair, Auxillary & Sons Scholarship -Levi Gephart, Damian Bruns, Jack Holthaus

• Boyer Financial Group-Senior Scholar Scholarship-Ashlee Hess

• Fort Loramie Fire Department-Michael Hoying Memorial Scholarship-Jason Siegel

Other scholarships

• Fort Loramie Knights of Columbus Youth Fund Scholarship-Mavrick Grudich

• Fort Loramie Liberty Days Scholarship-Ella Boerger

• Fort Loramie Liberty Days-Miss Independence Scholarship-Ella Boerger

• Fort Loramie Liberty Days-Miss Independence Runner-Up Scholarship-Alexandra Rose

• Fort Loramie Music Boosters Scholarship -Cameren Benanzer, Claudia Bornhorst, Ashlyn Eilerman, Rachel Gehret, Ashlee Hess, Aliya Hoelscher, Summer Hoying, JadeAnn Laux, Carissa Meyer, Alexandra Rose, Jaden Rose, Abigail Siegel Eleanor Siegel, Makenna Snider, Ava Stewart, Whitney Timmerman

• Minster Dental Care Scholarship-Alexandra Rose

The class poem was written by Hallie Grillot

Light as a feather

When we were Freshmen, we thought we had time,

We wished to graduate, so we would whine.

But it’s a good thing that we had four years,

Cause when the first was done, we shed no tears.

Then we were Sophomores and still so naive.

How could we have let all that time deceive?

To us, high school seemed to be forever,

But looking back, that thought was not clever.

Next we were Juniors and parted our ways:

Some to Upper Valley, while the rest stays.

We were told it would be the best year yet.

Then it was done… we’ll try not to forget.

Here we are Seniors, parting yet again.

Some leave thinking, “Hallelujah, amen!”

But some will leave wishing for one more chance.

One more game. One more class. Just one more dance.

Now that we’re all here and crying real tears,

A good lesson can be learned from our years.

Wishing life past was a dumb endeavor,

For time flies by fast, light as a feather.

Members of the Fort Loramie High School Class of 2024 are Gracie Albers, Skyler Albers, Cameren Benanzer, Alex Boerger, Colleen Boerger, Eli Boerger, Ella Boerger, Aden Bolin, Colleen Borchers, Claudia Bornhorst, Johnathan Bruggeman, Damian Bruns, Ashton Calcut, Jennifer Chaney, Francis DeLoye, Ashlyn Eilerman, Emma Eilerman, Zada Enright, Jada Flint, Leighann Francis, Bradyn Frilling, Ellen Frilling, Rachel Gehret, Levi Gephart, Carlie Goubeaux, Hallie Grillot, Mavrick Grudich, Ashlee Hess, Aliya Hoelscher, Allyson Holland, Brynn Holland, Will Holland, Jack Holthaus, Macey Holthaus, Nicholas Holthaus, Camron Homan, Roger Hoying, Summer Hoying, William Hoying, JadeAnn Laux, Isabelle Lawrence, Noah Mannier, Brock McCumber, Carissa Meyer, Johanna Meyer, Zavier Morrison, Richard Ordean, Morgan Pleiman, Grant Poeppelman, Gabriel Quinter, Alexandra Rose, Jaden Rose, Alex Ruhenkamp, Kate Ruhenkamp, Ethan Sherman, Abigail Siegel, Eleanor Siegel, Jason Siegel, Lucy Siegel, Makenna Snider, Ava Stewart, Macy Timmerman, Whitney Timmerman and Sunni Voisard.

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