Wagner building demolition moves another step forward


SIDNEY – On March 22, companies gathered to tour the Wagner Building prior to bidding on Phase 1 for asbestos removal and demolition. There were 29 companies at the required pre-bid meeting. The deadline for bids is April 12, and the estimated cost for this phase of the project is $3,440,525.

Phase 2 will address contaminated soil remediation and will be a separate project after completion of Phase 1.

Rehabilitation of The Wagner Building site has been an ongoing topic for many years. Until 1952, the site was home to Wagner Ware, which was famous for its cast iron cooking products. The property passed through several owners before it was declared too hazardous and was abandoned in 2008. Since then, it has suffered from deterioration, neglect and vandalism.

The Wagner property is a brownfield, which means that any redevelopment is complicated by environmental contanimation. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 will address necessary remediation in order to revitalize the site.

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