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125 Years

May 17, 1898

A special election will be held on May 25 to vote on the question of levying a tax for the purpose of meeting the payments of bonds to the amount of $14,000 which the board of education deems necessary to be used for the purpose of purchasing a site

and erecting a new school building in the Fourth ward. The polls will be at the assembly room of the court house and will be open from 1 to 6 o’clock p.m. on that day.


Charles Price has opened a barber shop on the south side of the public square.


Plans for the immediate invasion of Cuba have been materially changed by news of the presence of the Spanish fleet in West Indies waters. The presence of the fleet will delay the movement into Cuba.

100 Years

May 17, 1923

The setting off of three skyrockets, the firing of several shots, and the burning of a big fiery cross on Orbison Hill in East Sidney, Saturday night, was the cause for considerable excitement in that vicinity for some time. The cross, approximately 16 feet high and about 12 feet across, has been erected in a vacant lot almost at the top of the hill in such a position that it was visible all over the city. It blazed brilliantly for almost a half hour.


Edward Carey, the young son of Benjamin Carey, received severe injuries yesterday afternoon, when he was struck by a truck, while riding his bicycle at the intersection of Ohio avenue and Court street. He was knocked down and run over by a truck of the Farmers Grain and Milling Co.

75 Years

May 17, 1948

The city of Dayton’s incinerator was under observation this week by three Sidney city officials who are studying methods used elsewhere, in a move to achieve the most efficient standard of operation at the local $155,000 plant. Mayor Waldo Patton, Engineer Ed H. Maurer, and Service Director Frank Rohler observed the Dayton plant which was erected in 1940. The Sidney incinerator will under go a final test soon.


The new Jewish state of Israel was proclaimed today in Tel Aviv a few hours after the British high commissioner left Palestine soil.

50 Years

May 17, 1973

The Rev. Jerome Buck, former assistant pastor at Sidney’s Holy Angels Church for six years, drowned accidently Sunday in Texas where he was assigned, an official source confirmed today. Father Buck was well known throughout the Sidney community.


Serving the Women of the Moose for the coming social season will be Mrs. Paul Greer, senior regent; Mrs. Leon Hales, junior regent; Mrs. Philip Spangler, chaplain; Mr. Paul Walters, recorder; Mrs. James Risk, treasurer, and Mrs. Ralph Baumgardner, junior graduate regent.


Walter Arling, R.R. 1, Minster, was elected chairman of the Sidney Deanery of Catholic Council of the Laity last week at a meeting in North Star.

25 Years

May 17, 1998

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – State tax revenue is growing so fast that the state expects the fiscal year-end surplus to be $350 million higher than anticipated 10 months ago, The Columbus Dispatch reported today.

The $350 million will go toward a personal income tax cut next April unless the Legislature spends the money elsewhere. An additional $200 million that had been designated for tax relief has been committed to public schools.

Gov. George Voinovich had considered spending the $350 million on repairing and building schools. But the newspaper reported that he dropped the idea after voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly defeated state Issue 2, a proposal to generate more money for education by raising the state sales tax from 5 percent to 6 percent.


DETROIT (AP) – The German industrial giant Daimler-Benz, the maker of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, has agreed to acquire Chrysler Corp. for more than $38 billion in stock in a deal that reshapes the global automaking industry.

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