A cool new trailer


BOTKINS – Air-tow Trailers President Travis Saam, of Wapakoneta, held a ceremony on Tuesday, Feb. 13, to celebrate the start of production on a new refrigerated – “ZERO°” trailer. The new trailer is being assembled at the Air-tow Trailer factory in Botkins.

This is the first refrigerated trailer made by Air-tow Trailers. What sets the refrigerated trailer apart is its ground loading system which allows it to lower its deck to ground level. Once at ground level, heavy boxes can be rolled directly into the trailer with a pallet jack or carried in without the need for steps.

The ground loading system provides two significant benefits. There is less stress on the backs of employees which means fewer chances for injuries that reduce employee productivity. The easier loading also means faster loading allowing for more work to get done.

Keeping the trailer cold is a Thermal King refrigeration unit. The refrigerator keeps goods cold while in transit. It can also be used temporarily while not in motion. If the refrigerators in a store where to stop working a business could store perishable goods in the Zero trailer until their refrigerators were repaired.

After extolling the abilities of Air-tow Trailers’ new trailer Saam gave credit to those that brought it into existence.

“Our people are the heart beat of our operation as we embark on this new chapter its important to reflect on the dedication and ingenuity that got us here. It’s the culmination of countless hours of hard work collaboration and unwavering commitment from every employee on our team,” he said.

Air-tow Trailers isn’t slowing.

“Along with the addition of this product we will be expanding operations to our new Wapakoneta facility as well as maintaining operations here in Botkins,” said Saam.

“Our company is committed to growing our capabilities and creating jobs within the local community.We will be adding jobs primarily in welding, assembly and our engineering departments,” he said.

After speaking Saam recognized the dedication of Master Scheduler Audrey Vaughn, of Anna, then asked her to “strike the first spark” on a refrigerated ZERO° trailer frame by doing some brief welding.

Air-tow Trailers came to Botkins in 2018 as a branch from Lavern, California, where it originated.

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