Adams has vote for county commissioner

To the Editor:

Why is John Adams the only choice for Shelby County Commissioner?

In politics, it wasn’t all that long ago when a conservative candidate only needed a good resume showing their list of accolades. We would then vote for whoever we thought represented us best, but not anymore.

You have to be a fighter, a cage fighter at that. A candidate without a fighter’s instinct will be chewed up and their bones spit upon the beach! That is why I support John Adams. He is a true fighter. That might be because he served this great country as a Navy Seal! Then he served our great state as our state representative in Columbus.

Our country and state, and in consequence our county, are in a bad way right now and we do not have the time to get this wrong. Shelby County is one of the most conservative counties in the state and our elected officials should reflect that fact. So many people do not get into the service of their communities for various reasons, but you can see that John steps up to fill that gap just as a true fighter will.

True Conservative John Adams has been trained in the Columbus State House. He is experienced and that is what we need. A proven conservative fighter who also is a local businessman employing many in the surrounding area. John has also served us in the Shelby County Republican Party Central Committee as member and vice chair, the Board of Directors of the Shelby County United Way as president, also had the opportunity to be President of the American Heart Association of Shelby County, and vice president of the Shelby County Rotary Club.

I didn’t list all of his accomplishments, there are so many more, but I think you get the idea. He cares enough to go to battle for us! He is a true winner!

Vote for John Adams for Shelby County Commissioner, so that he can continue to fight for and win for us!

David M Aikin