Resident urges vote against Sidney tax levy

To the Editor:

Fiscal conservatism is a constant struggle to restrain the growth of government by keeping taxation in check. Government entities do many good things, and most elected officials and government employees honestly want to do “more” for the people they serve, so they often ask for more tax money to do those things.

Last November, the Health Department asked us to double a tax that partially funds their operation. That tax “increase” was defeated. I hope their “renewal” is approved this time so they can continue to provide us with the great services we’ve become accustomed to without “increasing” our taxes.

The city of Sidney wants to “triple” one of their taxes this time. The “expiring” levy was used exclusively to maintain roads and bridges, but the “new” tax can be spent on anything. The “expiring” levy had to be renewed by the voters every 5 years, but the “new” tax will be “permanent.” Voters won’t have recurring opportunities to eliminate this tax if they don’t think the city is using it wisely.

I strongly encourage a vote “against” this 333% increase. The city has another opportunity in November to replace the Roads and Bridges levy before it expires. Let’s hope they: (1) reconsider the size of the increase; (2) make it a 5-year renewable levy, and (3) put restrictions on how the money can be spent.

Fiscal conservatives must demand commonsense measures like this to (1) impede the growth of government, (2) keep our taxes in check, and (3) keep government officials accountable for using “our” money wisely by allowing us to “renew” levies regularly.

Because elected officials and government employees often want more tax money to accomplish more for the people they serve, we need proven fiscal conservatives inside every government agency fighting to keep taxes low. We have five viable candidates running for two commissioner’s seats, but John Adams is the proven and experienced fiscal conservative I believe we need on the Shelby County Board of Commissioners. His eight years of experience fighting government expansion in the Ohio House is exactly what Shelby County taxpayers need.

My research as a Christian, with socially and fiscally conservative beliefs, leads me to also recommend Donald Trump, Bernie Moreno, Jake Eilerman and Bruce Metz in Shelby County’s Republican Primary Election. I’ll happily share my research and rationale with anyone who emails me at [email protected]. Soli Deo Gloria!

Dan Cecil