By Kimberly Pistone
For the Sidney Daily News

SIDNEY – Shelby County Common Pleas Court Judge James F. Stevenson placed a gag order on Nicholas R. Inman, 39, of Sidney, regarding charges brought on Jan. 11, 2024.

Inman was indicted by the Shelby County grand jury on one count assault, a fourth degree felony, two counts of a person selling, purchasing, distributing or possessing a dangerous drug, a third degree felony, and two counts trafficking in drugs, a fifth degree felony, for knowingly causing physical harm to an adult female emergency service responder, selling Gabapentin after previously being convicted on trafficking in drugs, and for selling or offering to sell a substance containing cocaine.

Inman is prohibited from posting on social media, as well as any other verbal and written communication regarding the facts and witnesses of the case. The gag order was placed to protect potential witnesses and to prevent tainting a potential jury pool. Inman agreed to the gag order in a hearing where he was present along with his counsel.