Furniture Express celebrating 30th anniversary


SIDNEY — Furniture Express, in downtown Sidney, is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Jim Harter, general manager of Furniture Express, said the customer service aspect of the business is what sets them apart from others.

“If somebody came in the door and I was working with them, then I’d show them something, explain it to them, write them up, order it,” Harter said. “When the truck comes in, I unload the truck, and then, depending on time, I’ll deliver it. And if there’s ever an issue, I’m the one who service calls it… There’s only so many people that can get that kind of level of care.”

Harter mentioned that the staff, although not very big, is very knowledgeable and each member wears multiple hats to keep the business customer service focused.

Repeat customers are a huge part of the success of Furniture Express. That base of repeat customers was developed by the staff’s approach to sales. Harter says that they are as transparent as they can be with customers, which creates a trust between the staff and the customers that leads to them coming back year after year.

“We don’t do any heavy-handed, pushy sales. That’s just not us. People come in and we talk to them like we know them, and we’re honest with them, and do what we can, and that’s it.”

When asked to describe the store in one word, Harter said “home.” He said the space is not only home to the employees who work there but also provides pieces that bring the feeling of home into houses across the area.

“We also have that ‘something for everybody’ kind of mindset,” Harter said.

Harter said Furniture Express’ future is going to be focusing on growing the customer base. With a wide range of socioeconomic status throughout the community, the goal is to make sure that whoever walks through the door finds pieces that fit their budget and meets their needs.

To celebrate this milestone, Furniture Express is having a “big blowout sale.”

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