Sunshine Feeling yoga now open in downtown Sidney

By Kimberly Pistone
[email protected]

SIDNEY – Sunshine Feeling is a new business offering yoga and Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT) therapy in downtown Sidney. Owner Kayla Brulport said, “I started my business with the goal of helping local people feel better with holistic alternatives. I was driving up to an hour to receive the services I now offer and really wanted to be able to bring these things to Sidney.”

Brulport graduated from Fairlawn, and began doing yoga in high school. She has been doing yoga off and on for about 15 years, but when the COVID shutdowns came it really helped her to adjust to the stresses caused during that time.

After COVID, when she started doing yoga in person again, Brulport said, “I was apprehensive about practicing in person. I don’t want people to feel like that and be intimidated. I think there is a misconception that you have to be a certain body shape or have certain flexibility to show up and get the benefits of yoga.”

Brulport completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training in order to become a certified yoga teacher. Currently she offers flow classes, which are appropriate for all skill levels. In the future she would like to offer chair yoga classes, but her second floor studio is not conducive to that at this time.

In addition to yoga, Brulport offers EPT therapy. EPT is a form of holistic healing that is forgiveness based, and includes breath work as well as forgiveness statements and muscle testing. Brulport has been a patient in both talk therapy and EPT. She said, “In my experience EPT helped me to heal quicker than talk therapy.”

In order to be certified as an EPT practitioner she had to travel to intensive training sessions in Florida and Indiana, as well as attend virtual sessions. Additionally, she had to complete 100 hours of personal practicum. EPT has over 30 years of history, and uses a four step process to connect a person’s past to their present in order to bring healing. EPT is non-invasive, connecting the mind to the body to promote health.

In addition to yoga classes at her studio, Brulport is available to teach at private events. Recently she taught yoga on the square at the Downtown Sidney Spring Street Fair. She also does corporate contracts.

Brulport said, “I view my yoga practice as self-care. Yoga helps me manage chronic pain, create space in my mind and body, be more self-aware and helps me show up as a better version of myself.” Sunshine Feeling is located at 124 N. Main Ave., suite 201. Contact Brulport at 937-638-6380 or for appointments and to learn more.